WKA has been operational with this uniquely comprehensive web site since April 2000. This organization has been in planning for over 13 years with a meeting held in Stuttgart Germany in 1988.   The principal objective is to serve the total Clarinet World with Internet-interactive communication and interaction.    Everyone, especially in this communication age is encouraged to interact online as no Magazine is published because all materials can be downloaded as needed.  As this is a major cost saver there is no fee to join WKA, which is important especially to persons who cannot afford to pay yearly fees and currency incompatibilities.  This is a major advantage for everyone as it encourages a high participation for everyone .

Of vital importance is the Open-Source objective of WKA.  As seen on the shell pages throughout the site, link pages are abounding with hyperlink lists of all the aspects of Music and Clarinet including the Music Festivals Worldwide, Music Industries,  Music Competitions, Music Organizations, and WKA concepts for interaction.  All these listed are invited to participate to enhance the field.

Everyone is encouraged to join WKA online, and participate by contributing articles, event information, and also examine their present organization affiliations and encourage their participation as Alliance partners, as WKA is supporting their programs. 

Join with the Alliance FREE and open up your Clarinet World!

           WKA Website Directory

Welcome to the New and Enhanced Website.   Many new proactive features are being initiated soon to further inform and inspire Clarinetists and Musicians on the International level.  The previous website   www.wka-clarinet.org will stay current and is available to all as a reference and archive of past events and Data access.